Philippe Zourgane was part of the seminar and workshop "Geography Law and Border" that took place at the "Altonaer Stiftung für philosophische Grundlagenforschung" Foundation from the 16th to the 18th of may 2014 in Hamburg, Germany.

Here is the presentation of the workshop :
"We want to explore particular aspects of spatial power in legal and geographically oriented research and thinking. The workshop would be something of a continuation of earlier ASFPG workshops on "Law, Colonialism and Violence" but with a focus on the overlapping terrain of spatial power and legal order. It will bring together people working with interdisciplinary approaches to legal theory, politics, and social and cultural geography. One aim would be a discussion about the lack of connection between geographically-oriented thinking and legally-oriented thinking regarding what could turn out to be the same questions. 

Particular topics: sovereignty, territory and jurisdiction as geolegal forms; aspects of spatial power; mobility and borders: labour and migration; colonial spaces; national and geopolitical orders; practices and technologies of violence; territorial integrity and geopolitical legality; policing the city (sea, sky, any- thing)."

Read Philippe Zourgane's abstract.

Find all the abstracts on the following link :

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