30 may 2014 - Inauguration of the exhibition Vegetation as a political agent curated by Marco Scotini presented at the Parco d'Arte Vivente (PAV) in Torino - Italy.

RozO presents a triptych of archives entitled "When vegetation is not decoration".

The exhibition lasts until the 31st of december 2014. Come and visit it ... and let us your comments !
30 may 2014 - Last day on installation.

The exibition Vegetation as a political agent at PAV (Torino - Italy) is nearly ready.

Camille is fixing the second layer of leaves

First view of the installation

29 may 2014 - Big work today at PAV :

The first layer of plaited leaves is fixed on the structure

Camille continues to plait more leaves

Leaves are placed on the roof

The first pictures at night !